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Next up for Bilimankhwe is our adaption of Pedro de Alarcón’s The Three-cornered Hat.  De Alarcón’s 1874 novella is based on a popular Andalusian folk tale, a family favourite often performed by local storytellers at festivals and social gatherings in the Spanish south.


And for a family tale it’s fairly bawdy stuff, a story driven by sexual desire, infidelity, intrigue and disguise.  In many ways, it’s also a story about patriarchy and sexual predators, and Bilimankhwe are looking forward to creating an adaption of de Alarcón’s version that speaks to some of the most prescient themes at large in the contemporary world.


So, what’s it going to look like?  Well, it’s going to be fairly physical stuff, with a cast of four playing over twenty characters.  It’s going to be a really enjoyable mix of clowning, storytelling and dance, and we’re delighted to be working again with choreographer Shyne Phiri for this one.  De Alarcón’s novella will be adaptated by Irish playwright Brian Desmond, based on a new translation by Jamie-Glyn Bale (both working with Bili for the first time).  The piece will be directed by company stalwart Amy Bonsall. 


Fingers crossed! We hope this production will be up and running in 2021.

Bilimankhwe are delighted to acknowledge to support of ACE in the development of this original project.  Thank you!!

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