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Mike Van Graan Playreadings at Afrovibes 2014

Brothers in Blood is an emotional rollercoaster of heart-pounding, soul-moving drama exploring relations between Muslims, Christians and Jews in South Africa. Set in Cape Town during an uneasy time of gang wars, it is a tale of perception, culture, truth and the devastating consequences of misunderstandings. Never previously seen in the UK, it was the winner of the 2010 Naledi Theatre Award for best new South African script. 


Elusive Spring is a political thriller set in post-colonial Africa. It interweaves the stories of a local journalist who becomes dangerously enmeshed in political intrigue, an idealistic intern within the British Embassy and an artist using his skill as a puppeteer to undermine and challenge the status quo. As their lives become increasingly intertwined, a sense of impending threat and the dark undercurrent of a rotten system starts to show through the veneer of civilisation.  

There will be an opportunity to discuss the plays with the creative team in a Q&A session immediately after each reading.


Age:  recommended for audiences aged 12 +

Stratford Circus, London E15  

Tues 14 Oct  6pm: Brothers in Blood FREE EVENT
Wed 15 Oct  6pm: Elusive Spring FREE EVENT 


mac Birmingham

Wed 22 Oct 6pm:  Brothers in Blood Tickets £3
Thurs 23 Oct 6pm: Elusive Spring Tickets £3


Theatre Royal, Nottingham

Mon 27 Oct 3.00pm: Brothers in Blood FREE drop in event - no need to book


New Art Exchange, Nottingham

Mon 27 Oct 7.30pm: Elusive Spring FREE drop in event - no need to book


Contact, Manchester

Tues 28 Oct 7pm: both plays FREE event

Northern Stage, Newcastle
Thurs 6 Nov 3.30pm: Brothers in Blood FREE event


Live Theatre, Newcastle
Sat 8 Nov 2pm: Elusive Spring FREE event

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